Flow Fitness Foldable Multi Bench SMB50


Waiting for an available fitness machine at the gym is no longer necessary. Because Flow Fitness has the super strong and multifunctional weight bench which enables you to train your entire upper body at home. The Flow Fitness Foldable Multi Bench SMB50.

This weight bench offers considerably more options than comparable benches, facilitating even more weight exercises with barbells or dumbbells. The backrest has a whopping 7 positions. Put it upright for a Military Press or an Arnold Press. Put the backrest horizontal for a Bench Press or a Pullover. Or train for the perfect upper and lower chest muscles by putting the backrest in an incline or decline.

The multi bench can be adjusted to numerous different positions. Allowing the correct posture during your training.

Naturally you can also use the bench as support for various exercises which require you to have one foot or two feet on the ground. For example a Step Up, a Bulgarian Split Squat, a Chest Supported Row or a regular row, which are essential to every exercise routine.

You have two options for working your core. Place the back of your knees over the top rollers and the top of your feet behind the bottom rollers. You now have the perfect support for Crunches, enabling you to keep going for longer.

The other options is to put your heels behind the bottom rollers and lean forward causing the top rollers to rest against your thighs. Put your hands behind your head for extra weight, lean forward and come back up again. You will now be able to effectively train your lower back.

Done with all your exercises and finished your training? Easily fold the bench completely flat and, for example, slide it under your bed.

Seat height
40 cm

Adjustable: -20°, 0°, 15°, 30°,45°, 60° & 75°

Max. weight capacity 180 kg

Unfolded: 147 x 43 x 115 cm
Folder: 130 x 43 x 18 cm

1 Year warranty